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Creating catchy videos that deliever commercial results is where our team is the most accomplished. So what makes our videos unique? Thanks to the professional skills and experience of our staff, we have established a clear method of production high-quality creative content.

Let’s get to know each other better.


Kirill Lavrukhin


In his free time, he is stand-up comedian and also plays the piano. Since Kirill has practically no free time, he has yet to achive world recognition in either pursuit. He puts all his effort into the company!

Viktor Gavrilov


No one really knows what he looks like or whether it exists at all, but the company still runs like clockwork.

Alyona Zavarykina

Executive producer

If there were a Nobel Prize for best film production, Alyona would have 7 of them.

Maxim Krasovskiy

Head of Sales Department

Give him a commercial and he will sell you a commercial. Give him a pen and he’ll sell you a commercial. Give him absolutely nothing and he’ll sell you a commercial anyway.

Alexander Klementiev

Creative Producer/Writer

He took up the pen in 2006, since then he has created everything from short (a few seconds) advertising videos to a full-lenght film.