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Price VIDI

VIDI Price list
Video base price
Includes one round of edits,
and all rights for one year for digital channels
Video with copyrite ownership
The price includes one round edits;
the rights to the video are completely alienated
Additional services
Formats: 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 2:3
Qty: up to 4 pcs
Information about the need and the list of necessary video formats/sizes must be provided before the start shooting, along with a brief

Timing(sec): 30+, 30, 15, 10, 6
Qty: up to 5 pcs
Resizing + Retiming

Qty: up to 20 combinations
An additional round of edits that does not require reshooting of individual scenes

(packshot, text, voice-over acting, music, graphics, reduction replacement, removal and rearrangement of individual scenes)
Additional round of edits requiring reshoots of certain scenes
Source materials transfer

(separate video and audio tracks)
1500 $*
Video concept development

when ordering this service, the base cost of the video is $2,500
Director’s script
Selection of actors with specific requirements
(native or lip-sync, certain external features, etc.)
Casting actors (self-auditions)
Casting actors in the studio
Extension of the rights to use the video on digital channels for one year
The rights to use the video on TV channels for one year
Extension of the right to use the video on TV channels for one year

*Prices are shown without VAT 20% and are due within five banking days from the date of invoice